Handbag SALE

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Sorry there was a couple of things that I forgot to mention in my first email. Firstly is the class fee for exercise only increase also applies to Body Conditioning class there for the class fee will be £5.50 as from tomorrow, as for PC members your price of £3 will not change, giving you all the added bonus of being a Premier Club Member. PC will go up to £29 for all new people joining Move 2 Lose from tomorrow.
As a special offer to you if you would like to join PC and are an existing member you may join for £28 per month now, this offer will end on Saturday 28th July.
Starting Monday 9th July
Hand bag SALE, please note all the bags have been donated – some are new and some are not.
I will have two tables of bags in each class this week, one will simply be BUY and TAKE, I will leave it up to you to make a fair donation, there is a separate charity pot marked handbags.
The other table will have 10 handbags on display and a clip board with numbers and brief descriptions of the bags. These bags will go to auction for one week. For example if you like the look of bag number 4 and would be happy to pay £8 for this bag, write your name, class attended and your bid on a piece of paper and pop it in the box clearly placed in class, it is that simple, if you are the highest bidder you then pay your bid and the bag is yours.
Confused- speak to Julie in class.

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