Julie’s Summer Break

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A huge thank you for the past 7 months, classes are now closed for my much needed summer break.
The first class back will be at Shrub End Socail Centre on Wednesday 12th.
Will you be a STAR?

try and keep on track,stay active,eat healthy foods, drink plenty of
water and before you know it I will be back shouting at you and YES you
will be back on the scales.
You will try and blame me as classes have
been closed, but as normal ladies I will not be the reason you put on
weight, will I now!

Will we have a “STAR”, if you weighed in this
week and have lost weight on the first week back from the 12th then YES
you will be a “STAR”

I have noticed that many of you are NOT weighing in on a weekly or even monthly basis, WHY?
If you shy from the scales who are you hiding from, ME or YOU?

will limp our way through the holiday month of August but you wait
September is only 4 months from Christmas so please, please have your
holiday enjoy and see you all fit and ready to Move 2 Lose very soon.

I had a few “aghh” moments in the last class this morning:
The Tiptree ladies have now grouped up and are travelling over together and have made more friends in class.
I had the youngest and oldest members, the twins at 15 and Win at 80 and they are all the same height !! ha ha xx

You never live too far away, are too young or too old,
so what is your excuse.

SEE you on Wednesday 12th

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