Weight Loss Pal

Weight Loss Pal

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Your Sunday news & updates
I would like to welcome the new and returning members to Move 2 Lose for the start of the new year. If you are thinking of returning, remember there is no re-join fee and all Julie will say is welcome back!
Weight Loss Pal – New Year Motivation tool – it could be your best friend
While we can pick our friends and partners for qualities that we like, a partner to support weight loss and a healthy life style is a different matter all together.

Your best friend may not want to tell you that you really shouldn’t be eating the way you do and that you never exercise, but your weight loss pal may have no problem at all.
Weight loss pals should be two people that will support each other and are not afraid to say it how it is.

Studies over the years have shown that partners who team up to lose weight or get fit together are more successful than individuals who go it alone.

A car journey can be lonely on your own, no one to talk to, no one to listen to, no one to help you if you go down the wrong road. Healthy living/lifestyle can also be a long journey on your own.

Your weight loss pal will be there for you, as you, will be there for them. When you get to that roundabout and do not know which road to take your weight loss pal will be there for you.

Studies have shown that surrounding yourself with a good support network may help your success, increasing your drive and determination.
Would you like a weigh loss pal?
You can choose/ask your own or Julie will help find you one. You will both weigh in the same week and set a 6 week goal for each of you depending on your weight/height and age. If you choose a pal that does not attend class but know they will support you then great, pick up the phone and ask them to help you.

This is not a competition it is another way for me to motivate you to start on the right journey.
Speak to me at your next class if you are interested and we can get you started. OR pick up the phone and contact your weight loss pal.
Class Venue Change
Monday night’s classes will move from Stanway School into Shrub End Hall on Monday 21st January, therefore the 7th and 14th will both still be at Stanway School.

Fitness Pilates

Fitness Pilates Courses:
This one hour class will take place on a Wednesday at Shrub End Hall from
11.30 – 12.30.
These classes will be in blocks, prepaid and no refunds given for classes not attended, also there will be no concession for PC members. There are limited spaces and it will be on a first come, pay up front basis.

The first course will run from Wednesday 23rd January until Wednesday 13th February, this is a 4 week course and the cost will be £28 . There are a few spaces left if you are interested.

The second course will run from Wednesday 27th February until Wednesday 3rd April, this is a 6 week course and the cost will be £42. Names are being taken now but no payment is required until nearer the time.

Payment can be made in class by cash or cheque or if you prefer contact Julie to pay via bacs.
Visit Julie’s Website – Click this link

Our first charity for 2019 was chosen by Sandra and Drew and will run from Monday 7th January until 28th June.
The charity is the Tom Bowdidge Foundation and is run by Nikki and Richard Bowdidge, Tom’s mum and dad
Tom Bowdidge lived in West Bergholt and sadly died in 2013 at the age of 19 of a rare cancer. His parents Nikki and Richard launched the foundation which, based in Colchester aims to fund projects that support teenage cancer sufferers and their families. The Foundation works on projects that provide clinical, practical, financial and emotional support to help these teenagers and young people cope with their cancer diagnosis.

Their website gives you more details about what the Foundation is about:
They also have a Facebook page ‘The Tom Bowdidge Foundation’.
Link for more information on this charity, please click.

Barn Dance – not to be missed – date for your diary 22nd March
This years Barn Dance will be held on Friday 22nd March at Shrub End Hall. All profit will be for the Tom Bowdidge charity, more details to follow. Tickets are currently being printed and will be available in class very soon.

Have you been watching all the diet programmes
What did you learn?
There is no right or wrong way to lose weight.
We are all different, we all live different lifestyles. The main thing for me and Move 2 Lose is watch your portion sizes, drink plenty of water, cut your carbs down (not out) and try to get some of your protein from other sources than just meat and cheese. How about mushrooms, broccoli, spinach, and almonds. Use a record sheet to record everything that you eat (you don’t have to count calories) you probably eat more than you realise.

I hope to see you in class soon, all classes are back to normal as from Monday 7th January starting with Highwood’s in the morning, please arrive ready to start exercising at 10.30am

Julie – will I be your weight loss pal, will you weigh in this week?

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