SO MAY I Help you?

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bank holiday came and went and I had a lovely few day’s off but I am
now ready to get us all back on track, SO MAY I Help You? Do you need to
go back to basics, have you stopped getting weighed, have you missed a
few classes and not sure when to “start again” there is no simple answer
except “DONT GIVE UP” get in touch if you need a chat.
Shoes and more shoes
Wow Wow Wow
When I ask for
your help with charity you always amaze me BUT this time we went that
extra mile. These are the shoes that were collected last week and as for
bra’s the poor delivery driver did not know which way to look lol
SO a huge thank you and just to say NO more bra’s but YES to shoes and trainers, there is a box at shrub end hall.
Helen Warner winner of the draw,

her words this week on FB
I am donating my first months savings to the DEC for the victims of the Nepal Earthquake

Contact Julie for details on

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