Midnight Walk

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St Helena Hospice Midnight Walk Saturday 23rd May 2015
Well what can I say and what do you want to say ??
An amaxing
night last night with Tiara’s and flashing bunny ears, thank you so much
for your support, your costumes, your determination and most of all for
just being there!!
How long did it take you? that is a question that I will answer with “Its not about the time it’s about taking part”
Thank you to Wendy Ratcliffe for walking with me and slowing down to support others on route.

Corinne has some amazing photo’s and I will post a selection on here
today, but the rest will be brought into class on lap tops and we can
have some printed for those that do not have emails.
A huge thank
you to you all and the staff at St Helena Hospice for an amazing night,
the marshalls on route (our very own Craig) and for all the helpers.
I my eyes you are “simply the best” love to you all. xxxx

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