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Week 4 – nearly had Move 2 Lose closing again!!!

But thank goodness I have been given the go ahead by all parties concerned that I may continue as I have.
With the news this week that Essex has moved into the High tier I like you have now to accept that we are unable to visit our friends and families in their homes. But it does not mean that you have to loose touch, pick up the phone, send a note, go for a walk with them, arrange a zoom meeting, keep in touch.

Lets go back to classes staying open.

Instructions I have been sent:
“Exercise classes can still take place so long as they follow the relevant social contact rules at the various tiers. So, at Tiers 2/3 you can run exercise classes provided that there is no mixing between the individual participants.”
Please wear a mask on entering and leaving the venue which will then enable you to talk to other class members but from a safe distance. Remove your mask at the start of the class, no masks to be worn during exercise.
No singing, shouting or talking during the exercise routine.
‘Hands. Face. Space’:

17/10/2020 Letter to the Zoo

I had a lovely afternoon yesterday with my daughter and granddaughter at Colchester Zoo and this gave me the opportunity to present them with the money we had raised. I would like to thank Liz again for all her hard work in making the peg bags, aprons and bunting. Money was also raised from the sale of face masks.
We at Just Jules Fitness Move 2 Lose run by Julie Wright have raised £310 which we would like to donate to Colchester Zoo.
This money was raised over the past few weeks and during lockdown. One of my class members made beautiful peg bags, cushions, bunting and aprons and we sold them on-line/zoom, FB or any other way we could.
We also sold masks that had been made by Bill Warwick arts and crafts FB.
This has been a very difficult time for all of us in business and we hope that this money will go a little way to help you to keep Colchester Zoo as wonderful as it is.
Julie Move 2 Lose

Lets go back to classes staying open

Cones, on the floor to mark out your space.
Open windows and doors for ventilation.
Very worried, very safe, as safe as I/we can make it.
Don’t let this stop you from coming to class.
Put these all together and what do you get:
Julie has made the classes as safe as she can by marking out area’s with cones for you to work out in, the windows and doors are open for full ventilation, if you are worried I understand but you wont know unless you try, your body and your mind will be grateful and lastly don’t give up.
There is no easy way of saying this:

You may be frightened of the world today and the way we are now living but being overweight, unfit and unhealthy is as big a risk as covid.

Booking on system

Take your time when booking a class, look for the post code prompt after entering your card details.
If you are worried about booking a class on line – phone me and I will book it for you: 07990975855 or 01206 548049
Fitness Pilates

Not sure you are ready for returning to aerobics then have you tried Fitness Pilates? Classes are held on a Wednesday evening at Highwood’s 6.30 – 7.30pm or Friday morning at Shrub End 10 -11am

And lastly thank you so much for all the little 5p jars that you have returned this week, Jenny Janet has informed me that we @ Move 2 Lose have raised £1375.35 and her grand total collected was a huge £8006, wow and wow again.

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