Julie’s Story – Wasp

Julie’s Story – Wasp

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Your Sunday news & updates
Hello everyone:
Just when we thought it was getting cooler it has got very warm again!
I am very pleased for all the mums with children on school holidays as this weather is amazing for you all but for the workers in non air conditioned offices (me) it must be very hard going.
Shrub end hall move on Monday and Tuesday nights will be lovely with doors and windows that can open as Stanway School can be very stuffy.
Many of you would have seen biscuits in class on Wednesday last week as it was mums birthday, what made my day was not only taking mum and dad out for dinner but driving them both through McDonald’s for an Ice cream McFlurry, first time for everything …….
Tuesday 7th August 6.45pm Body Conditioning
Class Venue Change for August ONLY
ALL Monday and Tuesday nights classes will be held at Shrub End Hall and everyone is welcome to attend.
Monday – morning class at Highwoods as normal, 10am – exercise at 10.45am
Shrub End Hall 6pm weigh-in – 6.30 exercise, class finish at 7.15pm
7.30 Body Conditioning class finish at 8.15pm
Why not stay and do both classes for only £8.50, PC members pay £3 for BC
Tuesday – morning class as normal at Shrub End 10am weigh-in 10.45 exercise
6.15 weigh-in – exercise at 6.45 class finish at 7.30pm
Handbag winners this week
Well done to the following ladies that have won their bids for handbags this week:
Maria Mason
Mary Finan
Rosemary Daunt
We also have a tie break for 2 bags and private emails have been sent to the ladies concerned.
More bags this week although you may see non sellers returned.
Would you like to Abseil down the town hall for COHOC
ABSEIL web page link = click this link for more information
Where -Colchester Town Hall, High Street Saturday 1st September 2018, £150 minimum fundraising target We recommend that if anyone has concerns about their health or ability to complete an abseil consult their doctor first. You don’t need to be super fit to abseil, but you do need to have a reasonable level of mobility. This is due to the access route up to the abseil site. You will be asked to sign a medical disclaimer. We encourage everyone to dress as their favourite Comic or screen character, but please bear in mind that flowing garments may need to be tucked in and you will be required to wear a helmet. Speak to Julie in class for more details.
I will let you know which Move 2 Lose members have signed up so we can support (catch them at the bottom) nearer the time.
Julie’s Story
Julie and a Wasp
Many of you know by now that both Tony and I ride Vespa Scooters. This weekend we rode to Cambridgshire for a weekend away that was bought for us as a wedding present. We stayed in the most amazing B&B in between Ely and Cambridge of which we both spent a day.
On our journey up a wasp decided to get into my crash helmet and sting me on the nose! and “breathe” was all that could spring to mind.
Just arrived back and pleased to say NO wasp got me on the way home!
See you next week

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