Julie Colchester Night Shelter

Julie Colchester Night Shelter

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Colchester Night Shelter

Hi Julie

Thank you ever so much for your donation this morning.  One of the residents have already taken a shirt and trousers to use for a job interview tomorrow!

We were really touched by the £10 donation.

A huge thank you for your donation of £10 cash which we received via Julie. We were very
touched to discover that you had gone to the trouble of selling a double duvet to give us the
money after being told we do not use them. We are very grateful for your thoughtful act.
Donations such as this allow us to continue to provide support for our residents in many
ways, not only with a bed and meals, but also for help with finding housing, finding work,
and with life skills they might need, like cooking and using a computer.
In the last three months we have seen 39 residents come into the shelter and have helped
19 residents find somewhere permanent to live.
So thank you for joining us in providing help to the homeless.

Move 2 Lose

Julie Wright

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