Competition Winners

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Story time winners and words from Laura my daughter.
Thank you to the members that took time to put pen to paper (or fingers to key boards). There where many tales to be told, funny and sad times mentioned. Weight lost, weight gained, lost and gained again and sometimes neither!
Thank you to Laura my daughter who has chosen the following winners:
The winners are:
Celia Simcox
Holly Turner
There are two prizes, our very own Move 2 Lose Dog that has joined us in class over the past few weeks and a nail set and voucher from Tracey Budd Tracey Budd Nails link
Thank’s again to everyone that took part…..Julie & Tracey. xx
Message from Laura:
Story competition 
Wow what a tough decision to have to make, each and every story read made me smile and some even brought a tear to my eye ! (Emotions running high at 27 weeks pregnant !)
All stories of why classes are attended and what members have achieved were so heartfelt, passionate and inspiring ! Popular themes occurring of rowing the boat and ringing the bell, the ups and downs of weight loss, time off classes with members returning to a welcoming environment and most importantly the continued support, encouragement and motivation given by mum !
Reading these thoughts and feelings directly from your members of how much they appreciate everything you do, why they love coming to your classes and the extended support you never fail to give, makes me so proud of you and
everything you have achieved ! You have put your heart and soul into move 2 lose, which has made for such a successful business ! These members stories certainly clarify that !
If I could choose all the stories to win I would, I really loved the poems too, but I had to pick just 2 which really stood out for me !
A game of snakes and ladders – Celia Simcox – this member had put a lot of effort in to her story and I loved it !  Holly Turner – loved the story of being a mummy and how much she enjoys coming to class.
I think all of these stories should be displayed at class for members to read.
Ps it also made me realize how much I miss coming to class 🙁 but hope to see everyone in the summer with a new little class member too !
Julie xx

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  1. Holly Turner

    ? wow thank you very much Laura for choosing my story to be a winner, that has put a smile on my face and everything you have said in this post is true, your mum is an amazing successful woman, and I’m so glad to know her and have her in my life, her classes are the motivation that I needed and the support from the whole class each week is wonderful thank you once again truly touched xxxx

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