On the last class at shrub end hall
It was so hard to say goodbye to you all.
A few weeks we thought it would be
Then we go into lockdown – now 3
Clean the house, garden and dust
Walking and exercise is a must
Before you grab crisps or another biscuit to eat
Get your trainers on – up on your feet
Move 2 Lose with Julie Wright
Ask Norma and Dawn – left or right
Exercise at home, go for a walk
Pick up the phone, a friend to talk
No cinema, theatre, shopping or fishing
Life back to normal is what we are wishing
No stereo, whistle, no whoops or claps
No hamstring curls, knee lifts or thigh slaps
I send my love and and hugs to you all
As up the walls we slowly crawl
Move 2 Lose
Stay in to win.