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Oh dear, after two weeks all inclusive and Christmas I can not wait to get back to class. I think I will wait a while before I get on the scales though!

Holiday Story
Some of you will know that I have been suffering with my feet and very much needed the rest, after 10 days we where walking in the sea and I hit my foot on a piece of coral to which my big toe changed colour and swelled up. The last days of our holiday I continued to rest fearing I had broken something as I was in agony. The flight home was long and stress full not knowing where we would end up landing even after we got on the plane! my feet swelled up and I was in so much pain.
On Christmas Eve I made a trip to A & E (after contacting Heike) to receive fantastic service, a check up and X ray that shows nothing broken but I have aggravated the tendons/ligaments to my big toe causing swelling. My big toe is strapped up but that will not stop me – what’s your excuse?

I would like to say thank you for all my Christmas presents and cards, also for our wedding anniversary cards and presents.

Classes start back in the morning at Shrub End, arrive after 9.30,
exercise 10 – 11am and then again in the evening
arrive 5.45 exercise 6 – 7pm.


Check my web page for classes over the next few days:

For those of you that offered to deliver leaflets for Move 2 Lose I will now have them available for you to collect and deliver where ever you can.

January’s magazine has been delivered and will be available on sale, but they have only sent me a few copies so get yours quick.

Make sure you take a look at my car as it may look a little different from the last time you looked at it, no hiding for me anymore!


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