Black Frdiay

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Hello Everyone

All of a sudden Christmas seems just around the corner how did that happen! When is it too early to play Christmas songs in the shops…..NOW I don’t like it, please please can we not wait until at least the 1st of December, but then I am a bah humbug when it comes to Christmas.
Some of you will be very organised and others like myself may leave it all until the last minute.
At this time of year the phrase “BLACK FRIDAY” keeps popping up on TV and in emails with temptations to make you buy something on a black Friday deal, but is it really a deal?

Move 2 Lose Black Friday

I am offering a BLACK FRIDAY deal on Friday 3rd December:
What’s the deal – A 90 minute class – have you ever wanted to take part in a Fitness Pilates class but you are too worried about getting down on the floor .
On Friday 3rd December the aerobic class will start earlier at 9.30am until 10.30am I will then offer those of you that attend this class a free 30 mins standing only fitness pilates session straight after. There will as normal be 28 spaces to book nearer the time but for now have a think about it and pop it in your diary.

Pink Nails – Blue Nails

This week in class you may have noticed my pink and blue nails. Next week hopefully all will be revealed.
But is pink really for girls and blue for boys? What about lemon and green?

Thank you

When the words thank you mean so much.
This week I received a card through the post from Janine, these are some of her words:
Dear Julie and all the wonderful Move 2 Lose class members. Thank you so so much for all your hard work in raising £300 towards my fundraising for Pancreatic Cancer. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you in Julie’s class I will be forever grateful to you for all your kindness and support.
Please continue to bring in books – puzzles or any small items that you no longer need that could be sold on our charity table.
Thank you

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