Sunny Sunday

Sunny Sunday

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Hello everyone, what a wonderful week of sunshine and lovely light evenings which make us all feel so much better, although I was feeling very tired and washed out on Saturday morning, time for a break for Julie.
Please note classes will be CLOSED on Wednesday 2nd May until Wednesday 9th May first class back Thursday 10th May.
Many congratulations and good luck to all family members that are running the London Marathon today. Hot Hot Hot or is it Hip Hip Hip Hurray Charles.
The next Body Conditioning class will be held Wednesday morning at Shrub End Hall at 10.45, all welcome.
What you said this week:
After 7 years Tony still asks me where my classes are and what do I do, his latest question is
“are you Body Reconditioning tonight” not sure if he means my body or yours!
Following on from Jim and his tin of SPAM photo from last Sunday’s newsletter:
As you could see from the picture I’m quite a big guy and nearly 70 years old but this year I took the step to join Julie’s class and as a result I feel so much better and fitter and hope my weight decreases as a result. We have a laugh as well. Come on guys give it a go.
Christine told me of a lady that was returning to Weight Watchers or Slimming World
(I can’t remember which one) she was returning because it works…..I will let you think about that statement!
Photo’s. It has been a while since our last photo shoot and I would like to update some of my web page photos. Corinne will be taking photo’s in class next week, please note I need your permission to use the photos and we will of course ask before any pictures are taken and used on my web page. Thank you in advance.
Give it, DON’T bin it.
This is the lastest list of items that Julie can recycle:
Ink Cartridges
Postage Stamps
Old mobile phones and tv remotes (play school)
Saucepans, wooden spoons (play school)
Any Vespa’s or Lambretta’s for Tony. lol
Enjoy the rest of your Sunny Sunday as I fear that this lovely weather will change next week.

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