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Move 2 Lose
Hello everyone and welcome to the new members that have joined us so far this year.
We have had a week of Pancake day, Valentines Day – bring your man to class and half term. So if you had pancakes, chocolates and meals out I guess you will be lining up your excuses at the scales for next week.
Bring your man to class……. we had 1..thank you Wendy.
Excluding the male members that attend on a regular basis A HUGE well done to Wendy Larkin who brought along her son Rich to class on Monday night.
These are their words:
Thanks Julie “Bring a man to class week” was good fun and I brought along my son he enjoyed it too and thought it was a good workout, better than he had imagined me doing! He kept up well with washing the windows and rowing the boat! xx thank you.
Thank you Just Jules fitness Move 2 Lose for a fun session, came along with my mum because she’s been asking for ages and I had a great time. It was much more intense than I anticipated and I have a new found appreciation of how hard all the regular members work each week! For all the men out there – give it a go! I was the only male there and I felt welcome and energised!
Lets hope we get more men for the Midnight Walk 23rd June.
Secret Art Sale – No secret now! Date for your diary.
All the artworks in the Secret Art Sale have been donated by artists; professional, aspiring, student, amateur, and celebrity, and they are all sold at one price – an affordable price for a piece of original art – £40. Which means that you can own a piece of totally original art that you love, hang it on your wall, and no-one else will have exactly the same picture! All the artworks are only signed on the back – so you don’t know who has created the work you buy – until you buy it. It could be by someone who is already famous, someone is who going to be the next big name, or by your next door neighbour!
And by coming to the exhibition on the 2nd or 3rd March 2018 at The Minories and buying a piece of art you will have helped us get closer to the target of £3.25 million needed to build the brand new Cancer Centre in Colchester.
Maybe you would just like to visit- you don’t have to buy.
Class CLOSED Friday 23rd February
NO class at shrub end hall on Friday 23rd – class as normal Saturday 24th.
I am away on a training weekend, and you know what happens on my return……
more ideas, more pain, more punishment.
OHH I can’t wait.

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