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Newletter 1

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Your Sunday news & updates

GDPR General Data Protection Regulation
You will be receiving an email and further information about GDPR from Julie very soon.

Julie is SO back, and that’s what you have told me or posted on FB.
Yes Julie is back and as always back to a full itinerary of events: May has the Royal Wedding Party, our Guest Speaker and another Bank Holiday weekend.

Would you like to abseil down the Town Hall in September.
link for Town Hall Abseil


Speak to Julie in class for more details.
Visit Julie’s Website

Two Newsletters today

Please keep looking in you IN box for the second newsletter that will explain O G E L

OGEL starts Monday 14th

Make sure you are in class next week to start the OGEL challenge,
will you? should you? can you?

I have had some wonderful comments about this challenge BUT what will it be?

Organising Good Energy Levels
Overgrown Gardens Eating Lawns
Overweight Giraffes Eating Lettuce

Not sure it’s any of these…what do you think? Open the second newsletter this afternoon.

Body Conditioning Tuesday 15th

On this morning the class will be Body Conditioning , please bring a mat if you have one and a small towel. If you are unsure what this class involves why not give it a try, slow music, slow moves and stretches.

Royal Wedding Party and Guest Speaker Friday 18th May

Union Jacks/hats/bunting and a few tiaras on this day please.
You are all invited to this morning of fun, exercise, food and education. You may attend class and stay for the “light lunch” and guest speaker or just pop in for the lunch and the talk, we finish the exercise at 11.30 ish (Julie time) buffet lunch will be available and then expect the talk to start about 12.15 is again Julie time lol.
Please bring a small offering for the buffet table, tea and coffee will also be served.

I can not say enough times ALL are welcome.

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