LEGO Weigh Loss BLOG

LEGO Weigh Loss BLOG

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LEGO Weigh Loss BLOG with Julie Wright and the Move 2 Lose members.
YES it is that simple.
This year’s summer weight loss challenge is simple, take from the lego box in class how many bricks you think you can lose in weight, 1 lego block = 1lb in weight.

Stack you LEGO blocks to a shape that you chose and find a place at home that is clear to see for both you and your family.

Each week/ fortnight or month when you weigh in take the same blocks as pounds lost and start another shape, the idea being that you move all the bricks from one shape to form another.

BUT when you put weigh on you have to move the bricks back, this being a clear indication as to how much weight you have lost. You can share this challenge with your family for support or keep it to yourself and see if they can work out what you are doing.

YOU chose how many bricks, no time scale, no pressure just results. It may take you the next 3 months to lose 3 bricks (3 pound in weight) but that is a result… Isn’t it?

Why not join Move 2 Lose for the summer challenge and you could be a new YOU.
Or if you are an existing member that has not been for a while now maybe the time to come back.
See you in class to pick up your LEGO bricks and good luck.
Use the BLOG and tell others that you will be joining in this challenge, or to plot your loss.


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  1. Julie Palmer

    Ok everyone here we have this years summer weigh loss challenge, pick up your LEGO bricks in class tomorrow, what say you are you up for the challenge to lose weight this summer?
    Julie Just Jules fitness Move 2 Lose

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