FIT BIT Challenge

FIT BIT Challenge

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Sunday, Sunday, Ouch, Ouch
Well what can I say………………….I HURT, I ACHE,I LOVED MY TRAINING WEEKEND.
I have had a wonderful weekend away with many old RC teachers, for those who don’t know who RC is ……Rosemary Conley.
After a couple of years or being on our own in the business world and not franchisee’s anymore we now all say a HUGE THANK YOU to RC and most have not looked back. Yes we talk about the good times, the training that we all did together, those that went down a different road or career, but for those that fought to keep their business going it is so wonderful to be business women under our own names.
This is where again I say thank you for your continued support with Move 2 Lose and I hope for many more years I can continue to build the business and learn more and more. Well you do all keep telling me I can not give up.
Never be embarrassed to return to class whenever you want to, I never judge, ask questions, or charge a re-join fee, all I will say is:
“great to see you back”
I have learnt lots this weekend but will need time to put this into the classes, for now I will be happy to walk and sit down without OUCH…
Barn Dance
Tickets have sold very well with just a few left, thank you to everyone that has supported this event and for purchasing raffle tickets in class.
For those that will be there on the night, remember your snacks (not a 3 course meal) your drink (not the whole off licence) and you hats jeans boots (not your horse and cart)
YEEE HAAAA and let the fun begin at 7.30 doors open for 8pm show down.
10 Classes in one week challenge.
It has been a while since we have had a class member complete all 10 classes in one week.
WHO is this lady, watch in class and see if you can work out who it is.
A HUGE well done and I look forward to spending the week with her and teaching as many different classes as I can.
March through March
Cancer research are raising funds with their March through March campaign.
If you wear a fit bit would you like to be added to the NEW Move 2 Lose fit bit group?
This is NOT a competition or charity collection event (unless you want too) this is just a bit of fun for March.
Speak to Julie in class this week to sign up.
Based on the average person’s stride 10 thousand steps is 5 miles (or 8 km). You’ll have walked aprox 150 miles by the end of the month – about the distance from London to Manchester.
Playschool request
Move 2 Lose members have you got any of the following that you do not use anymore please:
Mobile phones with the numbers, on not touch screen.
Mouses……(not real pc type!)
Remote controls
Pans… I assume they mean saucepans
Thank you.
if we get the bad weather this week and you are not sure about classes please ring me on 07990 975855 or 01206 548049 before you leave home. I will run classes as normal if I can and it is safe for us all.
Emails and FB messages will be sent in the event of closure or check my web page. Lets hope they have got it wrong.

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