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Move 2 Lose News
Hello everyone, we again said goodbye to some of our members this month, therefore I will be trying to recruit new members by asking you to “check in” on Face Book when you arrive at class, follow me on Instagram, put posts and reviews on my blog on my web site or best of all talk to your friends and work colleges about Move 2 Lose.
Around the end of the year, and that’s not long now I will be asking for help to deliver Move 2 Lose information cards.
Marks Tey has been extremely popular and well attended and I am very pleased with all the comments about the earlier time, stretching section and the hall, these are all being recorded at the moment.
Next week:
Monday MORNING Body Conditioning at Highwoods and then
evening classes the same at Stanway
NO class Tuesday morning, class as normal Tuesday night at Stanway
Wednesday – class at Marks Tey arrive after 9.30 class 10 – 11am
Thursday class as normal
Friday – class at Marks Tey arrive after 9.30 10 – 11am
Saturday – class at Stanway School arrive after 9am class 9.30 – 10.30am
Face Book Reviews
Please use this link to place reviews/your thoughts on Move 2 Lose to help others understand what my classes can offer. thank you.
Please note you have to have a FB account to be able to do this.
Saving Energy.
Pick up these eight easy habits and before you know it, they’ll become second nature – saving you energy and money.
1. Lights out
Lights make up around 7% of the electricity we use in our homes. We all do it – walk into a room, turn on the light, and then leave with it still on. So a small thing like flicking the switch off as you walk out can significantly reduce your energy bill.
2. Light up
You could save up to £50 a year on your electricity bill simply by changing your standard light bulbs to low energy bulbs. These last up to 12 times longer.
3. Watch your chargers
Across the country, people are unnecessarily over-charging their mobile phones, MP3 players, and laptops. Instead, as soon as your device is fully charged, try and get into the habit of unplugging it. Not only will this save energy, it also prolongs battery life. It could also save you about £60 a year on your electricity bills.
4. Hold the water
Nearly everyone leaves the tap running while brushing their teeth. This wastes six litres of water a minute per person. You can stop money escaping down the plughole by simply turning the tap off while you brush.
It’s a good idea to turn the taps off when washing dishes too. Instead of using running water, use a bowl.
5. Careful with that kettle
When making tea or coffee, most of us fill the kettle right up. This means as a country we’re wasting around £68 million worth of energy a year. By filling your kettle just to the level you need, it could save you up to a third of the energy you have been using.
Tears for Julie…… thank you Michelle
Firstly I would like to say that I have been given permission by Michelle to tell her story, when I read this very moving letter (some parts have been removed for personal reasons) I broke down in tears, not only for Michelle’s story but for the strong people I have around me on a daily basis, the friends we have all made as a group and the support that you give me and each other.
Dear Julie
Last week I celebrated my 50th Birthday. I was inspired by your charity fundraising and your commitment in joining the COHOC 2019 Club. When anyone asked me what I wanted for my special birthday I asked for a donation towards your £2019 target. I was lucky that I was diagnosed at an early stage and I was able to receive treatment which has been successful and a year on I have been given the all clear.
I am delighted to enclose £110 and thank you for putting the “sparkle” back into my life.
Michelle x
If you have any doubt at any time that you need medical help or a check up, do not hide away, seek help, if in doubt check it out!
Have a lovely day, Julie x

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