Essex & Herts Air Ambulance

Essex & Herts Air Ambulance

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Hello everyone.
Fantastic turn out at the Body Conditioning class on Thursday night, here are some of the members words:
I tried this class. Not sure if I was going to be able to do it. But as Julie says only do what you can. Well I did and it felt good. In fact I wasn’t sure anything was happening but I soon found out the next day. Didn’t realise how much I had worked. Still feeling it today (Saturday) I would also add I had a much better sleep that night too. (what a bonus) Thanks Julie xx
Fabulous class, time just flies while your doing it. Came away feeling that, even though I had not jumped about, I had still had a good work out. Well worth going, will try to get to the Monday class as often as possible.
Monday night Stanway School
Body Conditioning class 7.30 – 8.15
£5 or £3 for PC members.
This is the ONLY class that I ask PC members to pay an extra class fee of just £3
Barn Dance for Essex & Herts Air Ambulance
Wow and Wow what a night. Thank you for all those that attended the Barn Dance on Friday, to Lindsay & Peter for all their hard work, to Corinne, Jemma and Julie for selling raffle tickets, to everyone that donated prizes (over 50) and to you all for your continued support with our charity work. Well done Wendy Larkin you where the winner of a months FREE classes. With the band and hall expences taken out we still made a HUGE:
£722.39 profit
There is still time to give to Essex & Herts Air Ambulance either on the link on my FB page or in class before Lindsay and I go over to the head office. Thank you.
How do I know you read my emails?
How do I know you read them…..
When Jim arrives at class on Tuesday morning with a present for me…..SPAM, normally my answer when someone gives me a present is “thank you” however so sorry Jim I will not eat spam.
Keep reading my emails for class news.
On this day
The Titanic sank from the night of 14 April through to the morning of 15 April 1912 in the North Atlantic Ocean, four days into the ship’s maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City.
Have a lovely Sunday afternoon and I think the sun may now be coming out, see you all soon.

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