Body Conditioning

Body Conditioning

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Did you change your clocks?
I hope you remembered to change your clocks………….what’s the time?
Classes will be as normal on Good Friday and Easter Saturday, see you there, both days if you eat too many Hot X buns and chocolate!
No classes on Bank Holiday Monday.
Body Conditioining
I asked the ladies that currently attend the Body Conditioning class on Monday night at 7.30pm to share what they think of this class, so these are their words not mine.
Oh, how I love Monday nights, start by pushing myself to the limit (sort of) in the aerobic class and then it’s time for Julie’s Body Conditioning class. Difficult to describe but it’s calm, peaceful and fun. And the stretching! At the start of the class I can’t touch my toes but after 45 minutes my palms are on the floor, that is the ‘power of stretching’! And yes, I do walk taller and definitely feel slimmer and toned. The other bonus is an excellent nights sleep.
Body conditioning is very rewarding .
I Really do love all the stretches it not only helps the body but clears the mind to.
My legs are now an extra 6cm longer (I wish) would recommend anyone to try . Enjoy both classes ,this does really tone .
Slow but purposeful. Works the muscles harder than I expected. Good for my bad back. Very enjoyable session.
Lucy attempted the 9 classes in one week a few weeks ago and the snow stopped her in her tracks.
This week however not only did she dance the night away on Saturday she has now spent the week attending all classes.
I tired to vary the music and the style of workouts. Thursday night with scarfs was great fun….. I think! and Saturday morning their brains where cooking with trying to remember what came next!
Lucy’s words will be displayed in class on the notice board. Well done Lucy.
Small businesses
Running a small business can be hard and very often we rely on word of mouth for new customers, and this is exactly what you do for me and Move 2 Lose. I would like to share these businesses that helped with our wedding and party:
E & H Harrington Jewellery Manufacturers for our bespoke hand made wedding rings.
Lucinda cakes for our lovely gingerbread man cake.
Wedding hair by Yvonne Bone
I have business cards in class if you are interested.
Julie x

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